This morning as I read “The Word For Today” it made me reflect on the condition of my heart in relation to our church. The opening sentence to the article was, ‘Before you criticise your church, remember, “Christ also loved the church and gave Himself for her” ’.

Well, I thought to myself, how many times have I found what I perceived to be a fault with my church and how often did I think that it should be done better or another way. So, it made me realize that each and every pastor, if their heart is right, will be doing his or her best.  I wondered; if I was a pastor in charge of a church how would my efforts be described?

We look at our church and know that it isn’t perfect, because it’s run by us.  Sure, we pray for guidance and strength and confidence and knowledge and the list goes on but still everything we get and do is through our human imperfection. Every person who gives his or her life to Christ is given gifts by the Holy Spirit, wholly and solely with the intention of building up Christ’s body and definitely not for the purpose of inflating our own egos.  Yes, we get elated and filled with joy when we use our gifts to do His work, but that’s a by-product of our service.

Noah didn’t sail on the Queen Mary; he spent over 40 days and 40 nights on ‘The Ark’ sleeping with every beast on earth.  Noah, in answer to God’s instructions did his best under the circumstances and he saved all the animals to repopulate the earth.  He was the captain of the boat and his crew or ministry leaders helped him to the best of their ability.

Not everyone has the same gift and no one gift is better than the other.  The responsibility is often very different but then in every case we are equipped to handle it. Let’s look back at the Ark.  The job of cleaning the waste from the floors is not the job of choice but imagine if it wasn’t done.  They’d all be standing up to their waists in muck.  Not to mention the smell and discomfort.

I must not criticize my church, but to do my part and help where I can and if I feel that something is not right I must be prepared to offer a better alternative before I criticize what I perceive to be wrong.

How is your ‘Ark’ travelling and what is your position on the boat?  Are you just along for the ride waiting to reach your destination or are you using your gifts to the best of your ability?

God bless you all

John Deroule