We are all trapped to some degree, and some are trapped at several levels.

Firstly, we are all trapped in our bodies in this world, and the only escape is when we breath our last and stand before Jesus whilst He looks for our name in the book of life.  There are also those of us who are trapped physically in a situation that we cannot escape from. 

Another level in which many are trapped in, is a behavioural pattern, perhaps a habit or an addiction, but we can change our behaviour; sometimes through a determination within us, sometimes through friends who help us, sometimes through therapy and sometimes by seeking medical help.  But this is not the worst trap to be caught in.

The most dangerous trap that we can be in is one that we place our souls into. Yet the key to get out is the easiest key to get.  So why doesn’t everyone grab the key and use it?  The answer’s plain and simple.

When God first made man, He intended for us to live forever in the ‘Garden of Eden’, but there was someone else lurking around who although he had freedom to roam the earth he had been locked forever into a trap that he could never escape from.  Yes, Satan, and his policy is, if he can’t be in God’s Kingdom then he doesn’t want anyone else to be in it. He started with Adam and Eve and ever since has been trying to bribe us with promises of pleasure, knowledge, happiness, riches, and wealth of all kinds. He wants us with him and if you notice; anyone who’s done the wrong thing will also want to have partners in crime.  They don’t want to suffer by themselves, they want company.  They will colour anything they can, to look attractive to us until they have us with them.  This is what Satan started and what the world continues.  Just look around you!

To get out of Satan’s trap of trickery, lies and destruction there’s nothing physical we have to do.  All we have to do is use a key that is free and available to anyone who wants to be totally free.  What’s great about this key is there is someone holding it ready to place it into the palm of our hand.  Yes! Jesus. And He’s standing right next to us waiting for us to ask. Once we use that key, great things start to happen.

You see, that key opens a second door the moment we are released from our trap.  That second door is the door to eternal happiness and riches beyond our dreams. I reckon, “You’ve got to be crazy if you don’t take that key and use it!”

Now that we know how easy it is to get out of being trapped, the big question is, how do we get the key?

It’s so easy we just ask for it, and how do we ask for it?  Our preacher on Sunday told us.  We connect with Jesus, we communicate with Him.  Not by phone or letter or two-way radio or any electronic device.  Just with our voice and it doesn’t have to be a spoken voice, it can be our mental voice.  We can use our mental voice in a couple of ways.  By the spoken word or the written word, both of which start with our mental voice.  There is a big but to our request and that is, we have to mean what we say, be truthful because with God there are no secrets, He knows our every thought.

So, the key is to first admit that we are a sinner, ask for forgiveness believing that Jesus died for our sins and repent.  That’s it.  Easy-peasy, nothing to it, and this is when great things start to happen.  We just start to communicate with God like we would our closest friend.  He intently listens to us and gives us what we need and sometimes what we want.  He gives us spiritual gifts and helps us in our walk with Him.  Of course, Satan will not be happy, and he will throw whatever obstacles he can in front of us and tempt us all the more, trying his hardest to get us into the trap again, but because we have Jesus on our side He will always help us to resist Satan.

The road to heaven is not an easy one but it is always made achievable through Jesus.  The choice is always yours.  You can take the temporary tasty morsels that Satan tries to feed you, but they are poisonous traps and lead to death or you can have a healthy feed on what Jesus gives us and enjoy the freedom and joy of eternal life.

God bless you all

John Deroule