In order to aim, we need to have something to aim at, a goal.

When Christ came to us, He gave us clear goals and a game plan.  In fact, He gave us everything we needed to win the game.  All we had to do was to decide which team we wanted to be on, the winning team or the loosing team.  There is no such thing as a draw.  We have our life here on earth to decide which team to join, but the thing that we definitely don’t have is the knowledge as to when the whistle will blow for the end of our game.

As with any game we play, there has to be a plan in order to win and each one of us has a specific position with its own moves.  And just because we play in a position that someone else has played, it doesn’t mean that we do exactly the same as they did.  Each game is different because the opposition is also putting together a game plan to beat us. Our only problem is our ability to listen to our coach, follow His advice and play the game to win.

Our coach is not on the sideline yelling instructions to us, He’s running alongside us every moment of the day giving us instructions.  Our instructions come to us in various ways but they all comply with the manual, the rule book, the Bible, and if we break the rules we will be called foul and be penalized for it.  Now if we are too full of ourselves and think we know all the moves we end up being tackled with our face in the mud because the coach for the other team is giving clear instructions to beat us, instructions that we don’t know are coming, moves which we can’t foresee.  The thing is that our coach knows every move the opposition knows and He’s smarter, cleverer and can outmanoeuvre the opposition anytime He wants, we only need to listen to our instructions.

Sure, we’ll slip up, and get tackled, but if we train hard, study the rules, listen to the coach, follow His instructions, we will win.  Maybe some of us will be battered and bruised, drained and exhausted but when we get the final whistle and we’ve won the game, we leap for joy, scream and yell and soak up the refreshment at the end whilst we glow with the taste of victory.

So this year as with every year we must chose the winning team and sit quietly and listen to our coach, our God.  He has told us to “be still and know that I am God”.  So, quieten ourselves turn off the noise of the world and hear Him talk to us.  And as we travel through our day, keep the ears of our soul open to hear our moves or if we’re confused, stop and take time out to ask the coach.  Our instructions may come as a voice in our head, a vision, a knowing in our heart, a word from someone, a word in the Good Book or any way that our Father chooses to speak to us.  They will all be within the rules of our manual to life, the Bible, and they will always make us feel better after.

What are your 2018 goals?

God bless you all

John Deroule