Just A Touch

The Bible is not just a workshop manual to get to God.  It comes with historical facts about us as the ever-human children of God that we are, both good and bad.  It contains poems, songs, parables, promises, covenants, prohibitions, encouragements, and more and when read it as a whole it is the key to heaven.  The Bible is the most valuable book ever written; not in $$$’s but you pay for it for eternity, and it’s our guide to its author.

The thing is that the historical area of the Bible is told to us so that we will know amongst other things that despite even the failures and shortcomings of us as worldly human beings, our Father in heaven still loves us, forgives us, and wants us to join Him in Heaven.  I mean why else would He send the ultimate sacrifice down to show us the way, then give up His life to save us.

In the final covenant, ‘signed, sealed, and delivered’ through Jesus, we receive promises, which unfortunately on many occasions we like to misinterpret by only quoting them partially.  A bit like someone saying, “I hate John punching me.” And another person misquoting and saying, “Oh! So, you hate John”, which is a misquote, because they in fact love John but not being punched by him.  You need to read the whole passage, before and after, not just part of it.

So, with the promises in the Bible there is a condition and that condition is given by the promise giver not the person taking up the promise. Jesus came to save us and everything He did and said was with the ultimate aim of saving us, with the greater plan in mind, built into every promise he made to us.

I'm going through a period of excruciating pain in my back and I constantly ask God to heal me.  The thing is, I want Him to heal me my way, which unfortunately tends not to leave any option for God’s greater plan.  And as is usually the case I and we don’t know the greater plan.  You see I know that Jesus will heal me, but He will do it in His time and in His way.  I may be going through this period of suffering for a purpose that only God knows, although at times I wish He would give me a hint, which would make the pain more bearable.  In my pain I have asked people to pray for me and that may be part of God’s plan, to get people to pray.  Perhaps if I have to have surgery on my back, then maybe God is using that surgery to touch someone else.  I already know its touching me.  Maybe He is using my pain to get me to write about it in this reflection and maybe it’s touching you.  As the saying goes, ‘God only knows’.  But I still wish He would give me a hint.

Are you suffering from something and have you cried out to Jesus for healing and are you frustrated like me that He hasn’t healed you; your way on your request?  Maybe He has, but maybe it’s not the way you asked.  Just rest and be at peace knowing that He has plans for you.  What you are going through is known to Him and part of His plans.

So, what’s the promise condition?  That’s easy, Jesus told us quite clearly.  He said, “believe in me...  I am the truth the way and the light... the only way to the Father is through me”. Like I said, ‘signed sealed and delivered’.  It’s just a touch on the hem of His cloak and believe.

God bless you all

John Deroule