Honour is something we all want, but unfortunately being honourable just doesn’t seem to be high on people’s agenda.  If you think about it, we can see that earthly or secular honour is replacing genuine Godly honour.

Do we honour popular people because they are popular? because they are sportsmen, or politicians, or bosses, or rich or influential.  Or do we honour someone because they are someone that we can trust our lives to, or our children to, or our aged to, or our possessions to.

We need to sit down and think what makes an honourable person and then decide if the ones we honour tick all the boxes.  If we find someone that is meant to be honourable and take away their wealth, status, authority and popularity, would they still be honourable and would we still honour them.  So, do we honour a person with the measure of our peers or do we honour them with the measure of our heart?  Do we listen to the little voice within us or the loud voice from without, from the world, when we consider who is honourable? Then when we look at people do we look at their heart or at their image?

Have you noticed that truly honourable people don’t seem to fall from grace yet those wearing only a cloak of honour fall from grace the moment the cloak is taken off or what’s underneath is exposed. Perhaps that’s where we get the saying, “You can’t tell a book by its cover!”

So now we sit down in a confused state and say, “Well how are we supposed to know who is and isn’t honourable?”  The problem with this statement is we are asking about everyone else.  What about us?  We are one of the ‘everyone else’ to the person sitting next to us.

We must first examine ourselves and say, “are we honourable?”  We can’t expect others to honour us if we aren’t honourable. We have a book, a biography of the perfect and most honourable person who ever lived that lists what is honourable. The good book; The Word of God; Yes, the Bible.  In Galatians 5:19 to 21 we are told what isn’t honourable, then in verse 22 we are told what is honourable.  And you know what?  Honour starts at home.  Look at Ephesians chapters 5 and 6 and start honouring our spouses and our children and our parents.  (By the way when the bible says submit, it means submit and not subservient.)

When you define all that is honourable, you will find the major ingredient in everything honourable is included in the 2nd greatest command that Jesus gave us. “Love”.  Jesus was, is and always will be the most perfect and honourable person.  He is the great “I am”, and we must honour Him and His Word.

God bless you all,

John Deroule