Be Still

When I see the statement, “Be still and know that I am God”, I sometimes reverse it and say, “Know that I am God & be still” because then I hear God talking directly to me and telling me to be quiet, settle down, clear my mind and then close my eyes and put a blank screen in front of me.  For me this involves looking into my closed eyelids so all that I see is just darkness.  Then I wait for His voice.  His voice may not be an audible voice, it may be a picture or thoughts, or feelings.  In fact, it might be something that happens after our time of quietness. 

I sometimes get frustrated because, God doesn’t talk to me every time I’m in the ‘be still’ position. But He often talks to me when I’m mentally able to hear Him.  The point is He wants us to give Him some time, wholly and solely dedicated to Him. We so often bombard God with our requests and our troubles and our words but we don’t stop to listen to Him.

If you find it hard to be still then at least wait, because He knows your very thoughts, your frustrations, your pains, your troubles, everything, and He knows what lies ahead of you before you do.  So “Know that He is God and wait”.

God bless you all.

John Deroule