The King Has Returned

Dear Church Family,

Sunday’s sermon had my ‘grey matter’ stirring as I contemplated the introductory statement, “The King has Returned”. I suppose, when you look at what actually happened, he was gone in both body and soul for a short while and that was when the disciples were hiding like frightened rabbits.

It must have been devastating to them, because if we also, were following a leader who not only encouraged and empowered us but also seemed indestructible, then at probably the most frightening time was destroyed and left us to face a raging crowd of people intent on destroying us too, we wouldn’t be sitting back playing cards and watching movies. I reckon I would be growing a beard and disguising myself and making every effort to find a safe haven.

But what was fantastic was the fact that Jesus returned even more powerful than ever with his word and strength in the form of the Holy Spirit.  Not just as one singular person as Jesus on earth was, but as a personal strength and guide designed and custom made for each and every one of us.  Not as someone we had to go out and find but as someone who was at our shoulder, observing not only everything we do but hearing every thought we have and He is there to give us advice, provision and guidance in every situation we find ourselves in.

The trouble we have is when we start to get ‘cocky’ and take the credit then sing out Frank Sinatra’s famous line, “I did it my way.” I know that before I returned to Christ, I would claim every success as being my own doing.  There were many great successes and my self-opinion was really big.  But as mentioned in the sermon, I was one of those who when something started to go wrong, I would call out to God.  Lucky for me He would step in and sort the problem; not because I deserved it, but because God could see that I was still searching and His love for me and provision helped me survive until I found Christ again.  The King had returned but I did not acknowledge Him.  He could see into my confused and lost heart and He knew that if He was able to get me to see.  “open my eyes that I might see”, I would eventually find my way into His waiting arms and He could use me.  It was not God telling me what to do, I still had to make the choice.  You see He gave me every opportunity and opened doors for me, but He would never make me do something.  He wanted me to come to Him by my own free will. 

We must learn to listen, not just with our ears, but with our senses and especially our soul. To be quiet and listen.  What does He say? “Be still and know that I am the Lord”.

He has written down in His book everything we need and so we can listen with our eyes as His words speak to us.

The King has returned and He will speak to us as only He knows best.

There are those who hear a voice, others who get visions, those who get knowledge, those who God speaks to through other people, like when He uses the preacher on Sunday, and to all of us when we read ‘The Manual of Life’, His Word, we get clear and explicit instructions.

The King has truly returned.  He is greater and more powerful than ever and He is here waiting and wanting you to let Him take you to a better place.

God bless you all,

John Deroule