The Humility of Jesus

Dear Church Family,

It’s interesting how so many of us think about Jesus as being the perfect man and the Saviour and all the wonderful and great things that Christians associate with Jesus, but when our preacher spoke about Jesus on Sunday,he opened up a whole new vision of Jesus the man.  How many of us have thought of Jesus as being human suffering all the frailties that humans encounter? Right from His birth he experienced everything that we as humans experienced. As a baby, he would have gone through nappy training. As a toddler did His mum, Mary have to correct Him for writing with his crayon on the television or the refrigerator? Did Mary have to get up in the middle of the night to feed Him?

How about when He was a teenager and an apprentice carpenter to His dad, Joseph.  Did Joseph tell him to make sure He switched off the power before unplugging the circular saw? What about when he was hammering a nail into some wood, how many times did he miss the nail and hit his finger, and what’s more, what did He say when He hit His finger or stubbed His toe or when one of His school mates punched him because he knew too much and they were jealous? Was there a bully in the town who didn’t like this good kid? Okay some of the details might be a bit wrong but the situations are no different to what we experience.

The point that our preacher got across was that, life was tough for Jesus, because being the perfect man in spirit, He resisted all the worldly or secular impulses that we so often don’t. Jesus the man must have been pretty disappointed with the majority of humanity, after all, His Father in heaven was, that’s why He sent His son down to save us. How many of us would cop a punch in the face or other form of abuse in order to protect people who in general had been abusing, ridiculing or making fun of us.

Let’s imagine you have a son and you see a bunch of kids fighting and doing the wrong thing and beating up some other friends of your son.  You love your son so much because all he has ever done is please you and make you happy and proud of him.  But you send your son into the middle of these bad kids to try to get them to stop misbehaving and to protect his friends, knowing full well that they are going to beat him while you stand back and watch.  And when he obediently goes into their midst you tell him that he is not to retaliate but to wear every hurt that is thrown at him.  Then you as the father go down and pick up the bruised beaten and bleeding body of your son afterwards and hold him in your arms.

We just can’t imagine the pain that went through the father’s heart, but what about the love the son has for his father and his mates?

Sure, we can try and understand Jesus but there is no way we can know the pain He and His Father in Heaven went through. Let’s try to understand this incredible man who willingly at His Fathers request suffered not just on the cross but throughout His whole life totally for us. 

Remember, He didn’t have to do it, but He did it because He loved us.

God bless you all

John Deroule