Dear Church Family,

We know that the word of God never changes yet our bible is a living bible, as applicable today as it was yesterday and will be tomorrow.  It’s here that we must understand or at least try to understand what God is about.  He looks at our heart.

Are we seeing it from God’s point of view or man’s? Let’s look at a point our preacher on Sunday touched on. ‘Pride’!

We were told that if we take God’s crown and place it on ourselves it’s our pride coming through. Last Sunday the preacher asked for volunteers in each section to pray.  I don’t recall people falling over each other trying to be the one to pray.  I include myself in one of the many who were reluctant to put up their hand. Why? Because of my pride.  In fact, the cheekiness that is within me prompted me to push the person’s hand up that was sitting in front of me and she prayed.  We are worried that our pride would be hurt, that our prayer would not be good enough and it was probably our image that we were worried about.  How would we look to our fellow parishioners?  Would they think that our prayer was silly?  Would we stumble over our words?  I’ll bet that we would be more than happy to call out a prayer in the privacy of our own bedroom with no one around to hear us.

So, let’s be realistic.  God doesn’t look at our outside.  It’s what’s within that He examines.  No matter how short, or how long, or how complex, or how simple our prayer is, or even how silly we think it sounds.  If it comes from the heart, then it’s the best prayer we could ever say.

Just think, if a little child picks up a pretty weed and gives it to us whilst saying “I love you”, wouldn’t it melt our hearts.  So, we just can’t imagine how our loving Father in heaven feels when we come to Him with our open arms and warm heart.

When someone who is new to the faith prays, God hears the prayer just as much as He hears the prayer of a mature Christian who is a seasoned prayer, because it’s what’s in the heart.

Forget about the clammy hands and trembling voice and searching for the correct words.  In fact, forget about the people watching and listening. Take our crown of pride from our heads and give it to the Lord.  Just picture yourself sitting down in your lounge room with your very best friend and tell him or her what is on your heart.  He (God) is there for you always, listening intently to every word from your heart.

God bless you all

John Deroule