LIES - Spiritual Disciplines

Dear Church Family,                                                                                     

Doesn’t this topic ‘open a can of worms’? The Oxford dictionary defines lie as, “intentional false statement” to “speak falsely”, “be deceptive”.  It included a “white lie” and defined the ‘white’ part.  It said; a white lie is “excused or justified by its motive”.

So, we’ve looked at lies from the secular viewpoint.  But is that enough?  No! because we are Christians.  I mean let’s look at the secular world and how the enemy is working in his own sly and sneaky fashion to change what the bible teaches as being wrong into what is acceptable and okay.

The New Living Testament defines lies as, “an untrue or inaccurate statement: something that misleads or deceives”. Note; there is nothing about ‘white lies’, a lie is a lie no matter what colour you paint it.

All lies have 2 clear common threads.

Firstly, it creates a false belief or impression in the person hearing or receiving the lie and secondly, there must be the intent in the mind of the person telling the lie.

During Sunday’s sermon, we were reminded of the many Godly people in the bible who lied. This does not make lying any less sinful.  It only shows the incredible love and forgiveness of God.  And No! it doesn’t mean that we can wilfully continue to lie and know that we will be forgiven every time.  You see; with forgiveness, REPENTANCE is an essential element.  What is repentance?  It’s a turn around, a change of mind, the intent not to continue to lie.  We will not be forgiven if we don’t genuinely intend to stop our wrong doing.  Just remember what Jesus did for us.  His sacrifice is not to be taken lightly.  He died for all our sins, including our lies. The temptation to lie is present just about every day.

So, let’s talk about Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny.  Are they lies?  Does it mean that Christmas and Easter lose their meaning?  No, it means that we should teach what the real meaning of Christmas and Easter are, and NOT what the world is trying to change it into.  Christmas was the gift of our Father in Heaven to us and we give gifts to celebrate His son’s birthday.  We celebrate our own birthday as another gift from God to our parents.  What about Easter?  Well that’s another Gift from Jesus to us and the birth of the new covenant.

What about when someone close to us or who we want to impress asks us something?  Do we lie to them to achieve a short-lived result (short lived because lies are always exposed in the end), or do we coat the truth with love, caring and gentleness, as Jesus would?  Lying on the spot is probably easier, but what about the loss of trust, the loss of respect and most of all what we are doing to the one person who loves us without condition.

So, let’s face the facts.  The devil, “always hates the truth, because there is no truth in him.  When he lies, it is consistent with his character, for he is a liar and the father of all lies”. (John 9:44. NLT).

We are Christians because we believe that Jesus died for us, that He is the only way to the Father and we repent from our sins.  To ‘repent from our sins’ we change our ways and for some of us that change is hard, but the reward is unmeasurable.  

God bless you.

John Deroule