This is something that is such a personal and sometimes an almost undetectable sensation. We heard on Sunday about Abram’s experience and Stephen’s experience; but what about our experience?

We can often see how the experience has transformed someone else but to be the person experiencing the miraculous, this is what it’s all about. God’s miraculous experience in us is such an individual thing because when you think about it, it’s something between God and you personally and no one else.

Sure, the next person may go through the same thing but their experience is different.  It’s something like having a pin stuck into us.  Only the person being pricked can experience the sensation.  Others may have had a pin stuck into them and know what it is like but maybe their pin was bigger or smaller or went deeper or not as deep or it was stuck into a different area.

For some people, when they give their life to Christ they are instantly changed and are acutely aware of this change in them.  But for me coming to Christ was a slow and an almost laboured experience.  You see my personality doesn’t just accept things, I need convincing.  It took a lot of reading and interaction with good Christians to get me to walk into a church and accept Christ as the saviour.  But from the first Sunday at church, I was convinced that the pastor was talking to me.  I felt that somehow, he had been watching me and my behaviour and was singling me out and addressing his sermons to me.  The thing is I had absolutely no idea that it was the Holy Spirit getting stuck into me and convicting me.  And the miraculous was slowly changing me.  Nothing discernible because I would have resisted.  It was a comment by my children after about 12 months before I stopped and looked at the now John as compared to the then John.  All that they said to me was, “Dad you’ve changed.”  After they assured me that the new John was much nicer than the old John, I took time to reflect on and note my different behaviour patterns.  It wasn’t a concerted ‘effort’ on my part to be a better person, a Christian.  It was just a ‘desire’ and it seemed to just happen through no real effort on my own.  You see as Abram and Stephen did, I also handed myself over to God and submitted to his leadership and that’s when the Holy Spirit started to act.  He changed me.  It was a gift that only required the acceptance on my part.

The important thing to remember is that it must be our desire and will to have faith and trust in God and to allow him to work on us and in us.

God is not going to do anything against our will.  He wants us to desire Him.  After all that’s why we’re here on earth.

We need to decide who or what our God is. Is it the pleasures and riches of this world, or the infinite pleasures and riches of an eternal life with our Father?

God bless you all.

John Deroule