Christianity; What is it?

I remember when most people would call themselves Christians and they had a general idea of what a Christian was, whether they practiced it or not. Nowadays too many people are reluctant to openly declare they are Christians because unfortunately the noisy minority (“......These people are the ones who are creating divisions among you.  They follow their natural instincts because they do not have God’s Spirit in them.”  (Jude 19)) have painted a label onto Christians as being un-Christian. Now that’s an oxymoron, isn’t it?

The anti-Christian element in our society like to claim to practice the fruit of the Spirit, love, forgiveness, patience, etc, etc which is a Christian characteristic yet in their persecution of Christians, they are doing the opposite. As was mentioned in Sunday’s sermon, Christians started, schools, charities, hospitals, orphanages, aged care facilities, in fact most of the organisations which are said to practice the ‘fruit of the Spirit’ have been started by Christians.  Even our system of government was started by Christians, although many people now would not be too proud of some of the things that are happening in government.

There’s a saying, “If you can’t beat them, join them”, and that’s just what the enemy is doing.  He has infiltrated, Christian organisations and destroyed from within or used the power obtained whilst in a previously Christian organisation to destroy another.

Brothers and Sisters, we are in a war with the enemy and for evil to triumph, it just takes good people to stand by and do nothing. What can we do? Anything you do is something!

A simple word or action can move mountains.  Jesus said, “I tell you the truth, if you had faith even as small as a mustard seed…... Nothing would be impossible” (Matt 17: 20).  You may not be witness to the blossom of your planted seed and NO! not everyone you witness to, will be saved.  But the chances are that someone is sitting near you, quietly listening, and watching, and searching and the one word or action by you may change their life.  A ‘surf life-saver’ may save someone from drowning, or a doctor may save someone who is dying but how much greater would it be for you, with one word or action, to help save the soul of someone who is lost and drowning in the sea of darkness. Psalm 34: 22 says, “But the Lord will redeem those who serve him.  No one who takes refuge in him will be condemned.”

You don’t know what the seed you plant in someone may grow into, “And the seed that fell on good soil represents those who hear and accept God’s word and produce a harvest of thirty, sixty, or even a hundred times as much as had been planted!” (Mark 4: 20)

The choice is ours.  We can sit still and do nothing and let evil prevail or we can do our part, no matter how small. We know that Jesus is coming again and when He comes will we be ready?  Will you be ready?

“Don’t be afraid! I am the first and the last.  I am the living one.  I died, but look-I am alive forever and ever! And I hold the keys to death and the grave.” (Rev 1; 18)

God bless you all

John Deroule