When we think of the word cherish, we think of something which is close to our heart.  On Sunday we learnt that the word cherish, means ‘to place a high value on’, which is what most of us interpret the word as, but we’ve made it more personal and I like how we have personalized it.  I place a high value on some things but what I really cherish are my family, my friends and the relationships I have with those I have grown close to.

As Christians we all cherish our relationship with God & Jesus and of course the leading from the Holy Spirit.  But on Sunday we were re-directed to those things we cherish here on earth that honour God.

What we cherish starts at home, and don’t we so often take those things for granted? We must cherish our spouse first then our family next, because it's our spouse who is by our side through thick and thin, "till death us do part".  We leave our parents and our siblings and are joined with our spouse. How often do we take them for granted?  We grow so close to them we often expect them to know what we want and what we are thinking.

I’m lucky because even though my wife often tells me that she loves me, she doesn’t have to say a word because what she does speaks loudly of her love and how much she cherishes me.  That’s two of the love languages, the telling and the showing.  In today’s world the third love language of touch is so much more restricted, but it’s one of the things we all crave from birth.  I think I am a bit slower with the telling and to all the husbands out there, I reckon maybe it’s a bloke thing.  You know all that mushy stuff, kissing and cuddling and tender loving words.  Us blokes tend to think, “She knows I love her, I do things!” but you know what the thing is?  She needs to be told, and you know what else?  The kids and family do too.

And wives, please understand, us blokes grow up being taught to be tough and hard and it’s not easy for us to say smoochy things and heaven forbid even kiss you out in public in front of our mates and other blokes.  But then as you encourage us it gets easier.  We need to communicate and share our thoughts and feelings.

This world is constantly changing and as our circumstances change people must change with them.  Part of cherishing our loved ones is being constantly alert to their changes and adapting.  It’s not for us to try to change them but for us to change ourselves and if we all do that; then wouldn’t it be a better place?  But most of all be patient.  For those of us who are set in our ways, change is harder and slower, so don’t pick on what isn’t being done, encourage for what is done, no matter how small the step.  

I want you to know that no matter how much or little we feel loved and cherished in this world, there is that someone, Jesus, who absolutely and unreservedly loves and cherishes us, warts and all and He also wants to hear, see and feel our love for Him.  He wants us to cherish Him because He loves us.

God bless you all

John Deroule