A Deceitful Heart

Out of the mouth comes the overflow of the heart, what a powerful statement!

The deceitful heart is the most destructive of any heart condition, because no matter what the other heart conditions are, whether Selfish, Grieving, Generous or Grateful; if it is deceitful then there can be no trust or truth of the heart because it’s been lost by the deceitful condition. It’s surely better to be with someone who has any or all the other negative conditions if we know that their heart is honest.  At least we would know where they stood or how we stood with them. If we can’t trust someone then our relationship with them is on a fatal course.  We don’t know whether they would keep their word or if what they said or claimed to do was true.  We just couldn’t trust them.  It’s better to not have a relationship with them, than to have a cancerous one.

Today, when we meet someone and they greet us with a smile, our natural reaction is to smile back thinking they are a nice person although we don’t truly know their heart.  That’s where we get the sayings, ‘You can’t tell a book by its cover’; or ‘a wolf in sheep’s clothing’.

So, at what point do we lose trust in someone or say they have a deceitful heart?   We in Australia are known for our sarcasm and stirring.  We are a nation of jokers and knockers and so many things are said ‘tongue in cheek’.  I would suggest that if someone said they have never told a lie, that would be a lie in itself. I have joked with friends, by saying something which is ridiculous. So, do I have a deceitful heart?  No! and I say no because my intention is not to deceive but to laugh with my friends at the humorous statement. I reckon that if Jesus was with us in His human form today and he had his 12 mates with him,  I bet he would have ‘short sheeted’ Peter’s bed and pointed at John when Peter found out.  But he would have admitted it was him and hoped that Peter didn’t put salt in his coffee the next morning.  God gave us a sense of humour. 

You see if your intent is to deceive or mislead, particularly for your own gain at another’s expense then that is deceitful. We need to understand what a deceitful heart is when we deal with God.  We can’t joke with Him like we do with each other because God already knows that we have short sheeted his bed and who did it.

God knows our heart, we can’t deceive Him but we can deceive each other.  Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed because of the people’s deceitful heart.  Not even one heart was found that was good. Ananias and Sapphira died because they tried to deceive Peter and the disciples.  Their heart was deceitful, and God could see it.

So how is your heart?

What I’m getting at, is, we need to examine our heart closely and see where we stand with each other.  Do we speak or act with a deceitful heart?  Are we ‘Sunday Christians’?  Do we put on a ‘holier than thou’ air?   Do we mislead or give the wrong impression?  Do we allow others to believe something which is not right without correcting it?  We can be deceitful by staying silent.

What about our other heart conditions?

When we give, do we grieve or regret it? OR are we grateful for the incredible wealth and promise that Christ has given us?

Are we selfish when we give back to God what was His in the first place? OR are we generous with what we give?

Can we say to ourselves: - “I don’t grieve when I give, I don’t give to get; I am a generous person!”  

First, we must be honest with ourselves and others.  We must kill the deceit within us then fervently pursue the other heart conditions, remembering the second greatest command (“love your neighbour as yourself” – Matt 22:39) to transform ourselves and renew our heart.

God bless you all

John Deroule