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Community Care


Australia is one of the wealthiest nations in the world. Unfortunately, that wealth is not shared equally.

Over 10% of Australians live in poverty, and these numbers are growing. Simply taking care of basic needs such as housing costs, clothing and food becomes a struggle.

In a small way, through Community Care, our church is seeking to do our part in making a difference, by reaching out to families within our congregation and in the local community around us to meet physical and spiritual needs.  

Currently our main activities are:

Children’s Services Support Ministry

Our children are our future and within the heart of every child is an incredible potential.  We as adults are obliged, not encouraged but obliged, to nurture the beauty within each child.

But, if we look at the family break ups, domestic disputes and drug affected relationships that are all too common in this so called ‘liberated society’; we often miss the ‘casualties of war’, the children.

Unfortunately, these innocent and vulnerable members of society through no fault of their find themselves in situations which not only stifle but destroy their blossoming potential. 

Having said that, we realize that not everyone has the skills and ability to help repair and nurture these children’s potential.  But we all have the ability to contribute in one way or another; whether it is in prayers, finances, or any other form of support for the servants that God has nominated and sent into the world to love these children into fulfilling their potential.

We as a nation have placed our trust in the skilled professionals in the various education and children’s Departments for the protection and growth of our vulnerable little ones.

Our church through its Children’s Services Support Ministry provides support to the Department of Children’s Services in our local area.

We also support the tireless work that the school chaplains carry out in our local schools in their efforts to nurture and grow the souls of the children.

Jesus said, “Anyone who welcomes a little child like this on my behalf, welcomes me, and anyone who welcomes me also welcomes not only me, but also my Father who sent me.” (Mark 9:37)

Bread Ministry

Our church collects then distributes free bread from a local bakery to schools to help them provide a meal to children who may leave home in the morning hungry.  We also provide bread to neighbours and other families who are struggling to make ends meet.

Our Hampers Ministry

For those families that are referred to us, we provide food hampers to help them as they cope with a difficult period in their lives.  In order for you to understand what this ministry does, I’d like to take you for a walk through the lives of those that our church ministers to.

Firstly, imagine that you are a single parent with a child or two and no income other than the pittance you receive through New Start, which is about $250 a week.

You have rent to pay which is probably $300 a week and you may get rental assistance of about $170 a week. You’re now left with $120.

If you are good at budgeting, then you will probably put away about $25 a week for electricity leaving $95.

Nowadays cars are a necessity, especially if you have children, so if you pay your registration which is about $10 a week, you are left with $85 a week.  Forget about the tyres which are close to bald and the service can wait because the motor still runs.

Petrol is at least $1.20 a litre and let’s say you use half a tank a week about 25 litres, that’s another $30, leaving $55.

Daily incidentals of milk, bread, and butter and perhaps some cheap crackers for the kids with Vegemite or peanut paste would be about $15, leaving $40.

School incidentals may be about $5 a week if you’re lucky, leaving $35.

We haven’t touched on shoes, clothing, toiletries, and other school outings.

Oh yes! what about the weekly groceries.  Do you think $35 will feed the family.

Forget about McDonalds or other treats like birthdays and Christmas that’s only for other people and maybe if they can afford it Saint Vincent DePaul will have some pre-loved clothing that might fit and a warm blanket for the cold nights.  They have to look up the dictionary to remember what a dentist does.

Now if we look at a couple with Dad out of work, there’s another mouth to feed but maybe he doesn’t need to eat, and he should find a job if he can get one.  And what’s going through his mind every time he applies for a job and gets knocked back.

We won’t go into the mental anguish that a parent goes through when their kids are crying because they’re hungry or come home embarrassed because the other kids at school make fun of their old clothes or because they don’t have lunch, or go on excursions with them, or maybe they have to walk home because there’s no money for the bus fare or if there was it’s been spent on a cheap morsel to eat.

Lifebuilders church gives food hampers to these struggling families, not to give them food every week but to help them get on their feet so they can support themselves. Although we don’t all get to see the relief the hampers bring, you can imagine what goes through their heart and mind when they receive these precious gifts.

We care about the people around us, so we want them to experience demonstrations of the unsearchable riches of God's love.

If you would like to give financially to support any of our community care ministries, please use the following bank details along with an appropriate reference (Child Support, Bread, Hampers) so we can direct your funds accordingly. For further information about any of our community care ministries, hit the contact button below and someone will get back to you shortly.

Westpac Bank

BSB: 034 073

Acc No: 173661